Monday, August 28, 2006

\\*+~*~I fOund mY sOulmate in yOU~*~+*//

+~*~ PaUl dArling, yOu brIng mE etErnaL smIles and lOve~*~+

The starry night sky floats high above, just like heaven, pearls and illusions of many dreams. Fallen angels flee to the mirror of the sky, where the melody of trance danced into the abyss, a brillant blue sky of morning light. Cold breeze filled the air with a scent so sweet and calm, nature's perfume of rose and peppermint. It flows through my veins, awakening my soul, bringing me to my highest rapture. As light as a feather, the wind blows, a dove as white as snow flew above the willow trees, dancing gracefully towards the castles in the sky. My magickal journey to life. Deep within the Sliverpine forest, I allow my feet to take me far away, where ecstasy fills my mind, a tower of protection, the crown of my deepest, darkest secrets. My lady stood before me, in a deep silent prayer, I fell to my knees and welcome my goddess of light, as I took my hand and placed it over her heart. Shimmering wisps danced before me, the melody of flutes and violins mesmerizing me with its melodious touch of a song of love. A fireplace in the midst of the woods gave me warmth, on a cold chilly day like this. Sentiments of old, precious memories found its way back to me like a breeze, I smiled and carried on my journey. Sunshine and sweet cocoa filled my heart, the beauty of moonlit dreams, my paradise of eternal honey coated love. A place I call my haven. And from this moment on, I realised that dreams do come true. Cos baby, i have found you.

with love,

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


~*+A little something for my darling+*~


Outside.. in the cold chills of the night..
Magic was alive.
Fallen snow flakes danced
To the melody of the wind,
Falling gracefully.
Snow crystals fell like fallen rain,
Frozen and cold,
Tears from the pearly gates.


Flowers withered,
Trees shed its leaves,
Nothing was left behind.
The dead took its place,
Winter has arrived.


Beyond the snow caped mountains,
High above the cloudless sky,
A tiny sickle appeared..
Enhancing the moonlit sky.
Moonlight filtered in
Through the woods skylight..
Casting down a beam
Of slivery light.


Beyond her imaginary dreams
And mystical fantasy,
The temptress of the dark
Lures her soul beneath.
She who held the forbidden fruit,
Allurement of sexual desires,
Stood high above the forsaken
Gates of fire.
A myth of the strange,
Her voice bewitches many,
A sweet melodious song of love,
A trance of illusionary fantasy.


Will-O'-The Wisp,
A call from the dark,
Dreams starts to fade away,
Emptiness replaced.
Alone, she walked this earth,
Her eyes in tears.
Protect me, she cries.
"Aphrodite of my heart and soul,
Charm me with great divine powers
Of this sacred world
For I am strong inside."


As she opened the windows
Of her soul,
A beautiful butterfly fluttered by,
Its delicate wings revealed
Nothing but ravishing beauty,
Lovely it seemed,
But sadness merged into its pretty form,
Which tells a story no one understands.


Silence overwhelms
Within the circle of light,
The perfect creature perished
Into the darkness of the night.


Pale moonlight glowed from afar,
Pearls of light,
The shimmering stars remained,
Bringing life to the blanket
Of everlasting darkness.
The sun will shine again.
Miracles will arise, my friend.
May the goddesses enlighten her soul,
Bringing guidance and illumination,
Strength and love.
For she will never be alone again.



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Monday, January 02, 2006

\\*+~*~My hEart spEaks~*~+*//

Inexplicable excitement came rushing through my soul as my eyes fell upon the slender arc of hope suspended above me. I took a deep breath and stared up through the skylight. I could just make out a tiny sickle of a new moon, a time when new things began. It was the time for beginnings. Was i ready for this beginning?


I wonder what was the pull that had brought me back, was it the promise of a little realm where i could allow my soul to wander freely, aligning my inner energies, sharing my dreams, visions and experiences? A realm for us, yes, just the both of us. A magical feeling, this is a sanctuary, a haven where i can feel freely about matters of my mind and heart. It is empowering for me to discover myself, to read my soul like a novel, to understand my needs and desires and to manifest my dreams. I felt flashes of telepathy in my head, wondering each passing moment what these signs are telling me? Is this a hidden gift, a flow of trapped energy running through my veins, or a mystery even more profound? The magickal key lies within.. and i have discovered what drives me, the only thing that could open my heart and bring me up to my blissful rapture. And that's happiness and HE who holds the key can only lock my happiness within my heart forever.


I shall be strong, stronger, to heal my one true love. To nurture like a mother who loves her child, to pamper like a sun shining down rays of sunlight upon the flowers after a rain, to love like a wife loving her husband, and to protect like the goddess protecting her children. Before i could engage myself with such abilities, it's time to understand my little self and seek forbidden answers that lies within. I know what i want. Oh yes, i do. I chant to myself. Can I re-create my seventh heaven? And build it up slowly with lots of patience, together with my love, we can be perfect once again. My dream revolves around my one and only, for he can take me to heaven and plunge me into the pits of hell. He's my savior, my dream, my everything. No word can describe the way I feel about him, searching deep within my heart, I speak of the purest words that linger within my heart, that colors a rainbow in my dreams at night, chasing away the dark forces which invade me in my sleep, he's the recipe of my desires and my hopes to walk this journey with courage and strength. Without his presence and his love, I will wither like a flower needing rain, and I wouldn't be able to comprehend life for he’s my elements of life, my sun, moon and stars, he completes me.


As the tragedy of life, destruction of peace, the battle between love and lust, the sins and lies, all come crumbling down on me, I shall take each step in fortitude, following my heart as I forsake the damned and negative thoughts which haunt me constantly. Be strong, my strength weakens but love gives me wings to fly. And I will fly. Finding my way to him, embracing his love, his touch and wishing that this moment will last forever.


I looked high above the night sky, a glance, a tinkle of a tiny star flew across, leaving me
enthrall. Spellbound, I fell upon my feet, smiled and made a wish. "Lovely Heavens, I wish upon the brightest star that my only wish will be granted tonight. I wish for this moment in life to last for all eternity, lifetime after lifetime. For my love for him will last forever, I pledge to the heavens and to his heart that my soul is his to keep. And I ask of nothing more, as I have found my place, my heaven, in him."


With love,

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


~*~The Way I Feel About Rain~*~

Fallen rain. The beauty of the night awakes. Enchant me, spellbound me, I chanted. Hail to the night for the silver moon shines for all eternity. Casting down its silvery beam like a blessing, a heal for broken hearts, a sacred gem for protection, a promise sealed within my heart, I speak with words of wisdom and courage, for every soul, an angel arises, casting away its demons. Purification of the heart. Fallen rain washes away the darkly shadows, the sins and temptations of the forbidden. Sadness fills the air. Falling. She falls. Just like fallen angels, cast down from the heavens for they have sinned. Broken wings. Tattooed on her arms, remains the slits. She weeps. Fallen, she fell like rain, deeper into the pits of eternal flames, she burns. Heal me, she prays. For I have sinned, and may the rain purify me. Rebirth. A new life begins.


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\\*+~*~my drEam~*~+*//

The sea of love
lay before my eyes,
this is my dream.
My heaven of paradise.


A new day arises

morning breeze
and warm sunshine.
The mediterranean sea,
jade green crystal
clear waters,
the smell of the ocean
and a tinge of
rosemary and pine
filled the air
with eternal happiness
and love.
The feel of spring,
brings a new beginning
and within the colors of the earth
reveal the garden of eternal love.
Such ravishing beauty shines
just like sunshine
after a pouring rain.
Beyond the horizons
lay the beauty
close to perfection
of two beautiful souls
falling deeply in love
with one another.
For they have merged
to become one.
" My soul is yours to keep
for i promise you my heart
for all eternity."
From the depth of my soul
I pledge my loyalty
to him.
For he's the only one
I dreamt of spending
the rest of my life with.


If only time can
stay frozen forever,
if only his name is
engraved on the star
i named after him,
shining brightly from afar
bringing about life
to the mysterious night,
the darkness,
when night falls still and cold.


If only this is the heaven
in my dreams,
my desire
of a sacred sanctuary
which promises peace and protection
for all eternity.
Deep within my heart,
my soul,
I know that he's the one
in my fantasy love story
my knight in shining armor.
my prince of darkness.
my one and only,
whom holds the golden key
to my heart.
And only he
could find the missing
puzzle of my soul,
for he completes me.


I lie awake,
as i gazed upon the sliver lining
of the moon,
its golden beam washing down on me,
just like a flow of magic,
spellbounding me.
Leaving me speechless
and overwhelmed
by the sudden wave
of energy
flowing within my blood and body,
I made a wish,
as i closed my eyes,
visions of his face,
his smile,
his dark mysterious eyes,
start to manifest in my mind.
Is this a dream?
I wonder in silence.
I opened the windows
of my soul,
and stared into space
for he wasnt there.
Alone i stand,
wishing that my miracle
will find its way to me
along my journey,
in this realm of life.
Pure love flows through me,
in my veins,
his love.
Our love.
I believe that fate will
bring him to me one day.


*Paul baby, I'm glad that i have found you. You're THE ONE i have been waiting for all my life. Sweetheart, you are my sun,moon and stars,you're my everything.


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Friday, October 21, 2005


Ha! I'm finally back. =) Was busy falling in love til my dear blog was forgotten and abandoned. Lol. Oh well,love is like the wind..it blows you away into the realm of ever happiness,magic and heavenly bliss. And u might just never return back to reality.......... ^-^

*zap* Okies back to reality check, stupid zodiac yin yang bull of the month had affected me loads this month. In the book, it stated that it's gonna be a month filled with misunderstandings and arguments. So guess that's why i get so irritated lately. So i shall blame it on the bad elements in the air. Haha. Darling Paul and i have been spending so much time together since i have practically moved in with him, together with our baby Prince as well. Soon enough,Prince wouldnt be sleeping on the floor anymore, he would jump onto our bed and the bed would be shared among the 3 of us. *awww* Sweet cuddles, he's the cutest. BUT, he can drive me mad at times too. Bite,bite,bite,eat,eat and sleep and bite Belle's everywhere. Arghhh... Puppies... Oh well,anyhow he's growing bigger each day. His cute little paws are huge compared to other puppies his age. My precious, Prince will be King one day. Haha. =p
I have been staying home with Paul a lot lately. And just in case my baby wonders if it's a bad thing, nope it isnt. Anywhere with him makes my day. I have been working on my designs. Makes me feel hardworking and determined. Hooray,a feeling of accomplishment and gratification of desire, i'm finally working at something besides my songs,poems and whatever i used to do when im bored. Anyways,gotta go now. Will write again soon. Blessed be.


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Sunday, September 25, 2005

\\*~*~A mOmeNt tO RemembEr~*~*//

My night with Paul on our anniversary was more than perfect. It was magickal and unforgetable. A wondrous night, i will remember this special moment forever. As i await his call at home,wondering where he was at that very moment,i recieved a call from a friend of his. She asked me to make my way down to Sentosa to meet her as she was alone. So, i made my trip down immediately. Upon reaching Sentosa,tanjong beach,she told me that we could just sit down and chill at the beach bar while i waited for my boyfriend to call. When we reached there,i noticed candles flickering on the sand. Lots and lots of candles. I was mesmerized upon such a sight before my eyes. I walked towards him and smiled as it was so beautiful. He made me a variety of desserts and bought red wine. It was truly romantic. A candle lit dinner by the beach surrounded by candles. It was the sweetest surprise ever. We fed each other dessert and he even played a song on his guitar for ME. I was truly overwhelmed. The ambience was perfect. A starlit sky was accompanied by the beauty of the moon as its beam shined down on us,just like love washing upon our souls. After passing him the gift and card i had gotten for him, it was time to pack up and head off to my third surprise. I brought him to Altivo cos the scenery of the wine bar is beautiful and breath taking at night. We had some wine and more food as we hugged each other tightly,feeling cosy and comfortable in each other's arms. However,the night wasnt over yet. We went gaming with Leister and Daniel. They are the sweetest and most adorable couple ever. Great friends too. After a game of dota, it was time for his next surprise for me. I was totally clueless to what it would be. However,he refused to drop me any clues. =( Leiter was told to blindfold me as they drove me to the place where Paul was waiting for me. I had no idea where they are taking me to! I pictured a park in mind. But the surprised turned out to be spectacular and it totally gave me a "OH MY GOD,im so speechless" kinda feeling. There i was standing in a room,filled with scented candles,dried flowers and black and white roses were lying on the bed. It was sooooooooo beautiful. I was the happiest girl alive. And Paul was the sweetest,most wonderful boyfriend ever. From that moment on,i knew that he's the one i have been waiting for all my life. He gave me a feeling i have never felt before,a feeling so warm and deep,full of love,bond and passion,he completes me. We had ice cream with chocolate hot fudge. A sinful but delectable delight. =) We soaked ourselves in the jacuzzi under the moonlight as i held him in my arms lovingly. I thanked all my lucky stars for having him. I'm so in love and it feels great. A feeling only the heart comprehends. Blessed be.


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Thursday, September 22, 2005

\\*+~*~haPpy fIrst mOnth baBY~*~+*//

Today is a special day for my baby and me..it's our first month anniversary. *big smile* And i have got a surprise for him later. =) The second surprise. I baked him heart shaped love cookies and made a star box filled with lavender and seashells. It's really pretty. However,i had to rush like crazy..only had 5 hours before meeting him last night. Gotta bake,paint,watch the oven,wait for the paint to dry and decorate his gift with glitter,ribbons,pearls and black roses. Felt a rush of great satisfaction when everything was done and ready. All i wanna do is put a smile on his face. =D Wished i could find icing sugar to decorate the cookies with our names though,but i couldnt find the ingredients at the supermarket. Sigh. I love himmmm soooooooooooo much. The time we spent together was amazing. Missing him now. I love it when we share a smoke together under the moonlight in his garden,when he makes me iced milk tea when im thirsty and offer to cook for me when im hungry. I love it when we play warcraft together,us being in the same team,when we write a story together, when we went to a pet shop and pick a dog together,sharing our new found puppylove,when we cuddle in bed while watching a movie together,when we fall alseep together,when he looks at me and i look away immediately cos i have got shy eyes lol,when he offers to carry my bag,when he plays his drums and teaches me to play some of his favourite songs on the guitar and when i watch him play World of Warcraft sitting beside him,adoring him. And when he's busy,i'll offer to play for him. Every moment spent with him is special to me. And it's already a month. Time really flies when ur enjoying every second being with the person u love and desire. I feel soooo lucky having him. My baby. He's the greatest,sweetest gift from the heavens. I thank all my lucky stars for having him in my life. "I love you,Paul".
Im wondering what he has installed for me later tonight. =) Feeling excited just thinking about it. I'm sure that he will bring me smiles tonight. I have got a surprise for him too. Cos gifts just aint enough. I wanna make everything perfect for our first month. I'm really glad to have found my one true love,never thought that he would find his way into my life. Well im happy and blessed now and im gonna cherish each and every moment being with the love of my life. He's the first ever guy whom brought me ecstatic happiness and sweet love and im not gonna let anything or anyone ruin this miracle. Well,i guess i have to learn to express myself. I'm really bad at that. I keep everything inside. I wonder if he could feel the love coming from me. It's a feeling so strong and deep that i cant express it out through words. No word can describe the love i have for him. Anyhow,i can always make an exception for him. A beautiful relationship we have. I wish i could do more though. Just wanna give him everything,all my love and i hope he understands how i truly feel for him. I bet our baby feels so blessed to have us as his daddy and mummy. However since Paul and I have been spending so much time together, we have been neglecting our lil prince. Just cant wait for his last jab, so we could take him out. Prince has got a new best friend. My poodle. Lol. However whenever im home and they get to see me,their tails cant stop wagging and then they will join forces to start pouncing on me,leaving me with scratch marks all over. Sigh. Haha. But it's their way of telling me how much they miss me. So cute eh? =p
I'm currently listening to dance nation. Music Paul detests! Haha. Songs like these are heavenly. Makes me go lalala into the trance realm. Last time i went clubbing was weeks ago with my baby. However,i didnt really feel like dancing cos Paul doesnt like dancing. So i'll just stand beside him,watching the crowd and taking sips of alcohol. I dont exactly like clubbing anymore since i have got my love. =) I should get going now. Will write again tmr. Cant wait to see him later. Blessed be.


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28 January
mIxEd wif sUgar n spIce..im a mIxed of naSty-niCe.. ^-^geRman,rUsSian n cHinese to B exaCt..
hAir cOlor:
lIght brOwn
lIght brOwn
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StrAwbErry smOothIe,vOdka vaNilla,baiLeys,aPricOt brAndy,iCe cOffEe,lOng islAnd tEa n pIneapPle juiCe.
tAtToOs,bOdy mOdificAtiOn,gUitars,plAying da gUitar,wrIting sOngs/pOetry,faEries,dOlls,clUbbing,mUsic, chIlling,cAmpIng,hAndicraFts,traVellIngs,my baby paUl,mY guItar,mY puP,blAding,wiCca,cAndle magIck,mOon magIck, stArgazing,mOon-adMiring,gOing to da bEach,natUre,dOgs,coOking,dEsigNing,drAwing,astRology,reAding,mEdieval fantAsiEs roMaNce,lAncOme mIracLe,the cOlor pINK,driEd flowErs,cAndles,scEnted oIls,liSteNing tO chillOuts,a coSy bEdrOom n drEaming.

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28th jUly 2005
I spent the entire night designing a new layout for my bloggie..love the faery. =)

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